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Supercharge Your Crops

NPK - It’s Not Enough

While NPK is essential for economic crop production, it's simply not enough. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are the primary macronutrients required for crops to grow but without proper secondary and micronutrients, you may not be producing the type of yields you are hoping for.

Using only conventional chemical fertilizers could lead to soils with poor structure, depleted nutrients, poor root development, reduced plant maturity, disease and insect damage. Adding in biological nutrient programs from Sigma and Biosphere can lead to healthier more productive agricultural crops.

Improve Soil Fertility. Achieve Higher Yields.

Sigma Biosphere is an innovative program, comprised of a unique combination of microbes with an outstanding research pedigree, which is quickly becoming a popular method to create the ‘ideal’ soil fertility with balanced nutrient concentrations. Using proprietary blends of Biosphere and Sigma Bio products, can supercharge soil that's been depleted after years of traditional fertilizer applications.

Complimenting with Sigma and Biosphere can benefit by:

  • Providing more balanced nutrition
  • Increased nutrient uptake over a longer period of time
  • Improved soil structure
  • Reduced plant stress
  • Improved plant moisture utilization
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“Biosphere uses Ultra Technology to create homogenous granules, high in concentrations of calcium, magnesium, and sulfur as well as some needed micronutrients, for a fully controlled 90-day release.”

Complete Nutrition programs for your crops

The Sigma Biosphere concept promotes soil health as well as improved fertility balance. Adding just 5-25% of these products into traditional N-P-K programs can help balance nutrition and soil health, leading to increased crop yields and profitability, no matter the growing environment.

Sigma blender choice percentages

Biosphere Blenders Choice (bridge)

NPK + Biosphere + Sigma = Complete crop nutrition. This program is completely balanced and intended to be blended with traditional fertilizer programs. The biosphere blenders choice, gives you an all-in-one homogeneous combination of advanced biologicals and all secondary and micronutrients for consistent performance.

Sigma blender choice bridge granular
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"Grow Smarter"

BIOSPHERE - Plant nutrition mined from natural resources providing blenders a high analysis homogeneous combination of both Secondary (calcium, magnesium, sulfur) and micronutrients.

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  • Starts with finely ground material
  • The granulation process includes binders producing energy, growth activators, and chelation
  • Controlled release up to 90 days
  • Optimizes nutrient uptake
  • Complete all in one nutrient delivery
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Advanced granular biofertilizers

SIGMA AGRISCIENCE - Advanced granular biofertilizers containing a proprietary blend of humate, organic matter, beneficial bacillus bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and trichoderma.

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Organic Farming - We got you covered!

Sigma Biosphere organics delivers the most soil nutrition available, containing nine strains of essential biologicals, humic acid and certified organic matter which has been scientifically proven to strengthen the soils ecological environment. Water retention is increased, stress tolerance improved and crops are protected against disease, helping to further increase overall yield.

Sigma Biosphere (100% organic)

Sigma + Biosphere = a complete organic program using dual-advanced granular fertilizers loaded with biologicals, humates, secondary and micronutrients. These biostimulants are packed with beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizae and trichoderma to improve soil tilth and structure; supercharging crops for a significantly higher yield.

Sigma Biosphere Organic percentages infographic

Percentages of Secondary and Micronutrients:

Biosphere G1.12323
Biosphere G2.12515
Biosphere G2.1S261310
Biosphere GS15238
Biosphere A22946
Biosphere A329446
Biosphere A52242420.6
Biosphere A5 Mn204225
Biosphere A6181641520.6
Biosphere A72243120.60.22
Biosphere A82443320.
Biosphere AH-102042020.610
Biosphere T136
Biosphere T22616
Biosphere T3161616
Biosphere T4231420.6
Biosphere T515151510.6
Biosphere T5 Mn2223
Biosphere TH-10201220.610
Biosphere TH-5013850
Biosphere TF32530120
Biosphere TF415261010
Biosphere TF510281070.6
Biosphere Zinc20
Biosphere 32GB9132

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