organic fertilizer for golf course greens

Get your course tournament ready

Common turf offenders, such as poor drainage, too much shade, inescapable foot traffic drought and poor water quality can cause considerable stresses to turf. Remediation is possible with Sigma’s fine-grade, high performance true granular microbial fertilizers which are scientifically formulated to not only your golf course tournament ready, but deliver a strong and healthy root system throughout the seasons.

Our micro granular 4-4-4 formula is perfect for Spring and Fall aeration recovery, midsummer stress management, winter dormant feeding, cool season overseeding nutrition, and warm season transition while our 12-2-6 bridge product formula works well for fairways and property landscape.

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organic fertilizer promotes deep root growth in golf turfs

Reclaim your Turf with Liquid Biostimulants

Healthy soil promotes high quality turf. That’s why we developed a complete line of liquid biostimulants containing soil enhancing Bacillus bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi, and Trichoderma fungi.

The synergy of these biologicals act on the plant's rhizosphere, creating an environment of biodiversity. With improved root growth and soil structure, nutrient availability and uptake is optimized while drought and stress protection is improved. Turf management professionals now have the tools they need improve wear recovery, green up, and improve overall turf quality.

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