organic fertilizer for ornamental plants

Strengthen the root zone

Our full range of organic granular microbial fertilizers and liquid biostimulants increase soil health and create healthy, appealing ornamental plants and flowers that will boost your business’s profitability and increase plant longevity.

In the nursery industry, using the right fertilizer is very important to obtain plants of good quality in the open field as well as in container production. Sigma AgriScience nursery and other ornamental plants have the potential to thrive with value added biologicals that help keep nutrients in the root zone longer.

organic fertilizer promoting healthy growth in ornamental plants

More Consistent, High-Quality Stock.

These biologicals - mycorrhizal, bacillus, and trichoderma - help you produce consistently, hardy, high-quality stock, while reducing potential nitrogen (N) loss; an important element needed in any nutrient management plan used in ornamental and nursery businesses.

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