turf grass fertilizer

organic fertilizer for turfgrass Sod Farms

Shallow-rooted grass is susceptible to drought and cold injury, both of which can cause significant yield losses. Our products not only help to dramatically enhance root development but also improve physical, chemical, and biological conditions of the soil including increased water retention and protection against soilborne disease.

Turfgrass sod harvesting depletes the topsoil each year. To ensure uniform thickness and quality of your turfgrass sod at every harvest, replenish with Sigma AgriScience organic granular biofertilizers and biostimulants.

organic fertilizer promoting healthy sod and turf grass growth

Balanced Nutrition. Backed by Science.

Excessive nitrogen rates can retard root development. To achieve balance between shoot growth and root development, proper amounts of fertility and biology are needed. The results are greener leaves with an active growing root system and improved tensile strength.

Whether you clean cut or ribbon cut your sod, our products improve the ability of sod to knit together quicker by providing stronger roots and healthy rhizomes. With Sigma granular biofertilizers, healthy, undisturbed turf ribbons promote improved lateral growth which restores harvested strips faster allowing for additional cuts per season and increased crop sales.

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